Simple Solution for Wedding Favors

It can be confusing when it comes time to select a wedding favor. This chore is often done at the last minute, during the hectic lead-up to the big event. The result can be favors that don’t reflect the what the bride and groom are really feeling.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Choosing a wood cutting board simplifies the process. You know your guests will love getting it and think about your wedding with joy and gratitude every time you use it.

Wedding Favor How to Select Them

If you want to convey gratitude, joy and abundance with your choice of wedding favor, a tacky wine glass with your monogram isn’t going to send the right message. Selecting a favor that is welcomed by your guests and fits into your budget is hard work, but it can be done.

Here is a look at the three main features to focus on when you choose your favors.


You don’t want to add to the clutter in your guests’ homes. Is it something that will just collect dust or get thrown away? Will they just leave it at the wedding? Would you use it yourself?

A good track record:

Will your gift last longer than a day without cracking or falling apart? Does it actually work? You need to try it out to make sure it does what it says it will do.


Weddings are expensive. You don’t want to add to the financial stress by buying favors that are too expensive.

Everyone Needs a Cutting Board

No kitchen can function without a cutting board. They aren’t pulled out of a cupboard once a year. Instead, they get used daily for cutting fruits and vegetables and slicing meats.

They are versatile and make excellent cheese boards and serving trays, for a variety of reasons:

  • A safe, solid surface for slicing
  • A large area so food isn’t in danger of falling off
  • Attractive appearance

Hobbyists, crafters and do-it-yourselfers use large cutting boards to help them put together models, cut parts out, sort beads, screws and other components and glue pieces together. Whether the job requires chiseling, grafting, carving, or trimming, cutting boards provide a stable workspace.

A Sanitary Cutting Surface

Cooks, parents and everyone who eats have major concerns about the dangers of food contamination. Too many news stories tell the sad story of trips to the hospital due to bacteria and toxins in the food preparation process.

Wood cutting boards are the most sanitary material to choose for meal preparation chores. They have natural properties that let them fight the build-up and growth of microbes and bacteria that cause illness. Studies at the Universities of Wisconsin and California both support the fact that wood cutting boards are safer than plastic.

On the other hand, the surface of plastic cutting boards allows knives to shred the material, which can get into food. And these tiny nicks and gouges are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Even putting the plastic into the dishwasher doesn’t dislodge the toxins.

A Gift that Lasts

Doesn’t it make sense to give a wedding favor that will be proudly used for decades, reminding your guests for years to come of your happy day? Wood cutting boards last a lifetime with minimal care. Just a quick wash in hot soapy water and then a rinse will keep them safe and in excellent shape for years.

Both maple and cherry cutting boards, made from sustainable hardwoods, handle regular knife cuts without heavy gouging. These woods have inherent properties that let them self-heal from the cuts inflicted by knives.

The surface also helps your knives last longer. It has a natural give that prevents nicks on knife edges. Bamboo, however, will damage knife blades because it is so hard and doesn’t have the natural elasticity

An Affordable Choice

By purchasing wholesale wood cutting boards in lots of 25 or more, you get an attractive, high quality wedding favor that will fit into your budget. They can even be laser engraved with your names and the date. You can also choose a custom design that suits your wedding theme.

Wholesale Cutting Boards Canada has a large selection boards in cherry and maple, in a range of sizes and shapes. Email for a free, no-obligation quote. If you have questions, get it touch. We are here to help.