Worried About the Trees

Concerned about disappearing forests if you buy a wood cutting board? Good news! Boards made of wood are environmentally friendly, made from a sustainable material.

Here is a look at the eco-friendly properties of wood cutting boards.

Sustainable Wood

Consumers like you are rightly concerned about how the products you buy impact the environment. The general term “environmentally friendly” actually involves a complex range of issues like deforestation, economic rights and destruction of habitat.

The maple and cherry woods used in Wholesale Cutting Boards Canada products are considered both a renewable and sustainable material. They are listed as such in the guidelines of the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species and the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Maple and cherry are considered sustainable for two reasons:

  • Relatively short growing spans
  • Durability

Short growing season. Both grow more quickly than other hardwoods like walnut and oak.

Durable. In addition, maple and cherry are both durable, based on their hardness, tight grain and small pores. Furnishings and parts of houses made with these woods, like floors and stairways, from a century ago are still going strong.

As hardwoods, they are denser than softer wood species. This means they provide a more efficient and long-lasting cutting surface. Not only do they last longer, their natural properties make them useful for many more years.

Made Using Wood leftovers

Another important factor that makes these cutting boards eco-friendly is the fact that they are made from small strips of wood. In many shops, these are trashed and end up in landfills. But the craftspeople at Wholesale Cutting Boards Canada are able to take even small, mismatched pieces and turn them into an elegant kitchen workhorse.

Skilled do-it-yourselfers have been transforming their scraps into cutting boards for decades. But it takes expertise, the right tools and patience to create an attractive, usable cutting board from leftover pieces of wood. If you need a large number of cutting boards, it makes sense to let professionals do the work.

Your Source for Wholesale Cutting Boards

Wholesale Cutting Boards Canada sells high quality boards in lots of 25 or more at competitive prices. These boards are excellent marketing tools for corporate events, door prizes, employee incentives, customer appreciation and even wedding favors.

They can be laser engraved with your company name and logo, providing you with a customized gift for a wide range of occasions. If you need a specific design or have questions, you can email. We are happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.