Holiday Gifts Baskets with a Cutting Board

Holiday gift baskets solve a lot of problems for corporations, sales people and groups. They show you are thinking of an individual customer or group member. At the same time, they can be assembled in large numbers at one time, saving effort and money.

But all too often gift baskets, especially those at the holidays, end up looking much the same. They contain fresh fruit, dried fruit, a few canned goodies, a gadget that has limited use and lots of bows and wrapping paper.

Stand out from the crowd! Make your gift basket memorable this holiday season by including a very practical and most welcome wood cutting board.

Appreciated All Around the House

Wood cutting boards are a necessity in the kitchen. They are the most hygienic and durable cutting surface available. The grain and texture, especially of hardwoods like maple and cherry, are warm and decorative in all types of kitchens.

They come in a wide range of sizes, suitable for every budget and space limitations. They are available in a variety of shapes, including round, oval, rectangular, square and in the form of animals. You can choose a cutting board that have a groove around the edge to catch the juices from meat, fruits and vegetables.

They are versatile and can be used as cheese boards and serving trays. The solid surface makes a safe spot for cutting slippery cheese. The wide area can handle an array of nibbles for your guests.

In the hobby room, craftspeople use wood cutting boards for slicing, gluing, sorting, etching, trimming and whittling. Every do-it-yourselfer appreciates a wood board for its durability and firm surface.

Durable and Easy Care

Instead of a breakable gadget that will soon crack or bend, add a wood cutting board to your gift basket. It will last a lifetime with minimal care. Each time your customer pulls it out to use, she will remember you fondly. Its durability and usefulness speaks well for your company reputation.

A wood cutting board needs just a quick rinse and an occasional dip in sudsy water to stay clean and sanitary. It can be air dried on the counter or by hanging it up. That’s all there is to it.

When you add a wood cutting board to your holiday gift basket, you make it memorable. Your gift will be used for decades and appreciated immediately.

Save Money with Wholesale

Buy your cutting boards in wholesale lots of 50 or more to save money and have plenty on hand. These boards are made from the highest quay maple or cherry Canadian hardwoods.

Perfect for holiday gift baskets, they also make wonderful door prizes, employee awards, customer incentives, corporate gifts and even wedding favors.

Each hardwood cutting board can be laser engraved with your company logo and name. If you have a special design in mind, the creative team at Wholesale Cutting Boards can handle it.

If you have questions or want a free, no-obligation quote,  email Wholesale Cutting Boards Canada. We are here to help.