Wooden Cutting Boards

Maple or Cherry Hardwood

Wholesale Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are one of the most in-demand promotional and corporate gifts available. And Wholesale Cutting Boards has them and they are made in Canada.

Our boards are precision cut from high-end Maple or Cherry hardwood. They are available in a variety of designs and custom designs and can be laser engraved. We sell  in lots of 25 boards or more.

We have the boards you need, whether it is for your next corporate gathering, a trade event, even a wedding. Practical, attractive and appreciated, cutting boards are appropriate for a wide range of gift-giving situations.



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Laser-engraved cutting boards turn a useful kitchen accessory into a much-loved memento and a long-lasting marketing device. Every cook needs a cutting board. They are useful for hobbies and do-it-yourself projects. When you give a cutting board, you know it will be used for years and years. Make the most of that fact by customizing […]

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Keeping Your Wooden Cutting Board in Top Shape

With just a little time and elbow grease, you can keep your wood cutting boards attractive, smooth and sanitary. Regular seasoning and an occasional sanding are all it takes. Here is a primer on how to care for your wood cutting board to ensure a long working life. A Protective Finish All wood, even hardwoods […]

4 Top Reasons to Choose a Maple Cutting Board

Whether it’s a kitchen cutting board, bar cutting board or a crafter’s cutting board, maple is the most popular choice in the marketplace. Wood is what professionals use, and maple hardwood is their preference. For centuries, maple has been used for furniture and floors because of its resistance to damage and impact. Its beautiful grain […]

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A charcuterie board can make your next event memorable. Focusing on cured meat, it is a step up from the standard cheese board served at endless parties or corporate gatherings. Forget humdrum appetizers. Here are seven good reasons to choose a charcuterie board for your next get-together. #1. Go for variety. Your guests will love […]

Easier Event Planning with a Charcuterie Board

Coordinating corporate and club events takes monumental effort. Like the old maxim says, the devil is in the details. As an event planner, you want everything to come together in the right place at the right time. One of the most critical details is the food, whether you are expecting 10 or 100 or 500 […]

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Don’t Worry! Easy, Last-Minute Wedding Favor Ideas It’s easy to forget about wedding favors when you’re swamped with inviting guests, finding the right venue, deciding on music and wondering what to serve. But they are traditional, and weddings are the time for tradition. So even if you’ve haven’t picked them out yet, be sure to […]