Easy Entertaining with Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie BoardsCharcuterie wooden Boards that is made in Canada

For easy entertaining, many cooks like to put together a charcuterie and cheese board. This Charcuterie board is the perfect choice to make both fixing and serving the food for your next get together a snap.

Charcuterie refers to all types of prepared meat, whether smoked, cooked or cured. Combine them with a cheese tray and you have the perfect selection for guests at your next party.

The right board is essential to make it easy to pass the food around and for guests to slice the meat and cheese easily and safely. That’s why this particular board is in such demand. It is the perfect size and shape for entertaining.

Cut Safely, Serve Elegantly with a Charcuterie Board

This small wooden bread board, or cutting board, is a practical size for both slicing and presenting the food. It has a stable cutting surface that prevents knife accidents. The board weighs .68 kg, which is hefty enough to prevent dangerous slipping and sliding on most surfaces.

The board is 30 x 22.5 x 1.27 cm, which gives you plenty of room to slice your cheese and meats. You don’t have to worry about meat sliding off the tray and messing up your counter or table. Use a second board to serve breads and other baked goods.

But it’s not just for parties. For everyday use in the kitchen, this board is a practical size for slicing and dicing fruits and vegetables, as well as preparing meat for cooking and serving.

Clean and Store Easily

This small cutting board has a hygienic surface, a must in every kitchen. Hardwood is a sanitary choice for food prep because it has inherent qualities that inhibit the growth of bacteria and other toxins. Plastic, on the other hand, is difficult to fully disinfect, even when you use the dishwasher.

It’s easy to take care of your cutting board. Just clean it in warm, soapy water. Be sure to let it air dry because it is important not to store it when it is wet. The hole in the handle lets you hang it up on the wall for drying and between uses.

The board is available in both cherry and maple, hardwoods that have an attractive finish, which looks good for years to come. It adds a rustic touch that works with all types of kitchen décor. That’s why many cooks proudly display their boards instead of storing them out of the way in a drawer.

Buy Wholesale and Save

By purchasing your boards in wholesale lots of 25 or more from Wholesale Cutting Boards, you can save substantially. And buying in quantity ensures that you don’t run out. These boards make handy gifts for a variety of occasions.

Recipients love getting them because they are useful not just in the kitchen, but also in the hobby room for crafting and in the workroom of the do-it-yourselfer. These boards make excellent, and affordable, corporate gifts, door prizes, giveaways, employee appreciation awards, customer rewards and wedding favors.

So many corporate gives and wedding favors are simply tossed after a few days. That will never happen with this small wooden cutting board. It is much appreciated because it keeps its attractive appearance and lasts for decades with minimal care.

The design team at Wholesale Cutting Boards can help you customize the boards you buy. They can professionally laser engrave them with your logo and company name, name of the bride and groom with wedding date, or other pertinent information. If you need a special board design, just let them know. They have the skill and experience to accomplish it.

If you have questions or would like a free, no-obligation quote, call or email the experts at Wholesale Cutting Boards. They are happy to help.