Last-Minute Wedding Favor Ideas

Don’t Worry! Easy, Last-Minute Wedding Favor Ideas

It’s easy to forget about wedding favors when you’re swamped with inviting guests, finding the right venue, deciding on music and wondering what to serve. But they are traditional, and weddings are the time for tradition. So even if you’ve haven’t picked them out yet, be sure to make time in your chaotic schedule to pick out wedding favors.

To help you out, here is a list of gifts that you’ll be proud to give your guests, even if it is a last minute decision. None take a lot of time to organize or package.

Edible Wedding Favors

The easiest favors to organize can be put into a bag or box, or handed out as is. Don’t choose one that needs to be handled carefully or requires complicated packaging. A number of food favors meet this requirement easily.

Tasty nibbles are always appreciated. Think baked goods, candy and beverages. A selection of cookies like shortbread, macaroons or the ever-popular chocolate chip can be enjoyed when guests go home. Slip them into a small box or bag from a crafting store. Write your names and the wedding date on the bag or box.

Most of your guests drink coffee and tea. That makes an assortment of tea bags, from herbals to breakfast blends, a good choice. Or package up a small amount of exotic coffee beans. You can also choose packets of specialty hot chocolate mixes, like marshmallow, mint or double chocolate.

If you have the money and your guests enjoy a drink, you can buy small bottles of wine, bourbon, scotch or liqueurs. Add a small bow with the date and your names.

Local produce is a practical, budget-conscious choice. Use bags or cardboard boxes that are firm and thick enough to handle any juices that fruits and vegetables might produce. In summer, give your guests a container of local strawberries or blueberries. In winter, try chestnuts or a small pumpkin.

Growing Gifts

Plants are always appreciated. Buy pre-potted, small, growing plants like a cactus or other succulent or a fir tree seedling. A small rose, pansies or geraniums are always appreciated.

Cooks love herbs they can put on the counter in their kitchens. Give growing herbs like basil, rosemary or oregano. Everyone loves fragrant smells from herbs like lavender, mint and lemon balm. Add a flag to the pot with your names and the wedding date.

Around the House

Everyone needs a bottle opener. You can buy them decorated and in colors at kitchen supply stores. Or give out a bouquet of wooden spoons, held together with a bow.

If your wedding is around the holidays, give each person a tree ornament or a Christmas candle. Don’t worry about trying to put your name on them. Just write your names and the date on the box or bag you put it in.

If you want to be extremely practical, consider a roll of duct tape. Everyone can use it and a single roll lasts a long time. Since they now come in a wide variety of colors, match the tape to the colors you use at your wedding.

A maple cutting board is always in demand. It is practical and gets used on a daily basis in most kitchens. It is versatile because it can be used as a cheese board or serving platter. Cutting boards are also useful in a hobby room for sorting or splicing. They last for years with minimal care and are easy to store. Since they have a rustic look, they go with all types of décor. Most people simply prop them on the wall or hang them up between uses.