Wood Cutting Boards, the Useful Wedding Favor

Wood Cutting Boards: the Useful Wedding Favor

Wedding favors are traditional. And usually boring. Make your wedding stand out by gifting your guests with a favor that they can use.

Here is a brief look at the history of wedding favors and tips on choosing the best one for your special day.

Why Give a Wedding Favor?

Wondering why you even have to bother with figuring out a wedding favor? It’s traditional, that’s why! The practice goes back centuries.

In France and Italy, aristocrats gave their guests sugared delicacy in a box. Sugar was an expensive treat back then, reserved for royalty and those with money. The boxes, though fancy, were meant for practical use. Covered in precious stones and made from ceramic or metal, they provided handy storage for small treasures.

Over time, Jordan almonds were the rage. These sugar-coated nuts are still a popular favor. Five are packed together, representing prosperity, joy, fertility, longevity and health.

So for hundreds of years, wedding favors have celebrated the hopes of the bride and groom and guests for a happy, fruitful life, and served as a reminder of the happy occasion. Wedding favors still do that.

And that’s why you need to come up with one for your upcoming wedding. You’re trying to find a venue, decide on food, figure out the guest list and stay within your budget. As much as you feel you’re squandering your time with wedding favors, they are important.

What Makes a Good Wedding Favor?

A wedding favor that gets trashed as soon as the guest leaves your reception is a waste of money and time. Some friends will feel guilty about throwing them out and bring them home, adding to their clutter. Eventually they will throw them in the garbage. Homes and landfills don’t need useless wedding favors.

From the standpoint of your guest, a good wedding favor provides at least one of these three functions:

  • Help with everyday tasks
  • Good eating
  • Joy to behold
  • From your point of view, it must:
  • Be within your budget
  • Not take too much time to buy
  • Not take too much effort to give to guests

Here are several ideas to help you choose.


Don’t stop at Jordan almonds. Consider chocolates, everyone’s favorite. Or if you want to go with nuts, go beyond almonds. Consider a small container of macadamia nuts, pistachios or mixed nuts. Or as a variation on sugared nuts, you can give guests candied nuts. Or chocolate-covered nuts!

A container of small baked goods like shortbread or brownies is a treat your guests will look forward to enjoying during the week after your wedding. If you’re into health, try sugar-free and organic options.


Plants are a gift that lasts for years. Consider a blooming cactus, a pot of pansies or a single blooming rose they can plant later in their yard. You can help the environment by giving them a tiny tree that they can later put in their yard.

If you have access to wildflowers, give each guest a small bouquet of colorful flowers. They can take them home to enjoy after the wedding.

Practical Help

The number one wedding favor in the practical category is, hands down, the hardwood cutting board. It will get used on a daily basis in your guests’ kitchens for years to come. Each time they pull it out, they will think of you and your special day.

Wooden cutting boards are a necessity in every home. They provide a solid surface for cutting vegetables, fruits and meats. Wood is kind to knives, with an inherent give that keeps blades sharper longer.

Wood is sanitary, much more so than plastic. It has natural properties that stop the growth of bacteria. These toxins hide in plastic, which develops knife cuts easily.

Wood cutting boards are versatile. They make excellent serving boards for cheese, desserts and other nibbles. The wide, even surface is stable and easy to carry.

Wood adds a rustic look that works well with all types of kitchen décor. The board can be hung on the wall between uses or even left on the counter. They are attractive and don’t need to be hidden away.

Wholesale Wooden Cutting Boards

Wood cutting boards fit well into your wedding budget when you buy them wholesale in Canada. Wholesale Cutting Boards offers them in lots of 25 or more in a wide range of styles and sizes, in either maple or cherry.

These small cutting boards can be laser engraved with your names and the date of your wedding. This makes them a permanent momento of your special day.

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