Wooden Baguette Board | Wholesale cutting boards | Made in Canada

Wooden Baguette Board - Hardwood maple made in Canada

Canadian Made Baguette Board. Made from Hardwood maple.

When it’s party time, there’s nothing better than a fresh baguette of crunchy French bread to serve your guests. But those long, skinny loaves can be tricky to cut. Make it easy on yourself with this professionally made wooden baguette board. The right board has the length, sturdiness and solid surface you need to cut you’re the baguette quickly, evenly and safely.

A loaf of French bread often too long for a standard cutting board. It’s tempting to place it on the counter and cut, but you might regret it. The surface is often too slippery so you can’t make a safe, solid cut. And it leaves marks on your laminated or tiled counter. If you try to cut it on a short board, your slices can come out uneven and you might end up cutting yourself in the process.

Did you know you get more than just a place to cut bread when you invest in a wooden baguette board? The long slender board is perfect for slicing and serving cheese and charcuterie. It fits easily onto a crowded table, letting your guests help themselves to the food.

Our wooden baguette boards are so attractive, they enhance the look of your table when you use it to serve bread, cheese or other foods. Maple has a naturally rustic look that fits in with all types of décor. They look so nice, you can store in the open, along the counter or on the wall.

This wooden baguette board is made from durable, long-lasting maple wood from Canadian forests. It will last for decades with minimal care. Most of the time all you need to do is wipe off the breadcrumbs. If it gets dirty, clean with mild detergent, rinse it off and let it air dry. That’s all it takes.

Maple is considered a sustainable wood, requiring a relatively short growing period compared to other hardwoods. A maple wood cutting board lasts and lasts so it doesn’t need replacing, making it an environmentally friendly product.