Live Edge Cutting Board in Your Kitchen

The wait is finally over. Introducing Live Edge cutting boards. Made in Canada, they are durable, stylish and functional with a natural edge. That’s right. Our Live Edge cutting board are now available and we have got the designs you want and we happen to sell them. Long story short: we are ready to stock your dining room or kitchen with beautiful cutting boards with a natural edge.

Handcrafted from 100% ethically sourced maple hardwood, it has a smooth finish with no chemical polishing agent. Maple is prized for its neutral coloration and hardness. It has a blend of light yellow, cream, and light to medium brown. This makes the board a complementary to your kitchen décor.

Each board is pre-conditioned and pre-sealed with natural and food safe oils – no harsh stains or varnishes. That’s right – each piece is unique reflecting the distinct character of the wood grain and its natural beauty. Designed from a single piece of natural wood to preserve the pattern and contour of the wood, it’s a unique piece of art.

Our multi-purpose cutting board with a natural edge is also useful as a cheese board, bread block or charcuterie board. Featuring two natural edges with rich warm two-tone coloration, the unique grain makes our cutting boards the perfect addition to your kitchen counter or table. With completely unique double sides, each Live Edge cutting board is handcrafted by a skilled craftsman.

There is no better way to introduce a touch of the great outdoors into your dining room or kitchen. The finely sanded cutting boards have a humble beauty and both sides are suitable for slicing, chopping or serving cheese, fruits, vegetables, and appetizers. Our Live Edge cutting boards are less dulling than synthetic cutting boards meaning your knives will require less sharpening.


Semi FAQs about Live Edge.

Why Handcrafted Natural Wood?

We’re glad you asked. Our Live Edge cutting boards are handcrafted by a local craftsman with exceptional knowledge in wood. This helps to preserve the contour and pattern of the wood. Also, each piece contributes to a better experience because there is a relatable and knowable back story, so grab them while you can!

Why Live Edge?

Natural edge is a style where a crafts-person preserves the live edge of the wood into the design of the piece. Our unique boards have a natural edge bringing a touch of the outdoors to your kitchen or dining table.

Is the Cutting Board Dishwasher Safe?

Live Edge Cutting Board wholesale

Live edge Maple cutting board manufactured in Canada

Although our cutting boards get preserved with 100% food-safe mineral oils, they are not dishwasher friendly. To keep the cutting board clean, wipe with water and mild soap. Dry thoroughly and rub occasionally with mineral oil. This helps to maintain appearance. Avoid soaking the cutting board in the water.

Is the Cutting Board Mounted on Protective Rubber Feet?

First off, the cutting board is not mounted on protective rubber feet. The good news is, you can use both sides for cutting, slicing or chopping your favorite food. We are jazzed up that our multipurpose cutting board will be the talk of your dinner party. We currently got lots of new cutting boards with a natural edge. Check our site regularly or follow us on social media.

Get your Live Edge cutting board today!