Exploring the Craft: Cutting Boards as Canvas in Resin Art – Canadian Wholesale

Resin art has emerged as a captivating and versatile form of artistic expression, pushing boundaries and transcending traditional mediums. Artists are continually experimenting with unconventional surfaces to create unique and stunning resin pieces. One such unconventional yet intriguing substrate gaining popularity in the resin art community is the humble cutting board. This article delves into the world of cutting boards as canvases for resin art, exploring the possibilities, benefits, and creative freedom they offer to artists, with a focus on the Canadian market and the availability of cutting boards at wholesale prices.

The Unlikely Canvas:

Traditionally reserved for chopping vegetables and preparing meals, cutting boards have found a new identity as a substrate for resin art. Their smooth surfaces, durability, and varied shapes make them an ideal canvas for artists looking to explore new dimensions in their work. These boards, typically made from materials like wood, plastic, or bamboo, provide a distinct texture that adds character to resin pieces.

Versatility in Material used in wooden cutting boards

Wooden cutting boards, with their natural grain patterns, add warmth and organic beauty to resin artworks. The resin’s glossy finish enhances the intricate details of the wood, creating a harmonious blend of nature and modern art. Plastic cutting boards, on the other hand, offer a sleek and contemporary feel, allowing artists to experiment with vibrant colors and abstract designs. Bamboo cutting boards, known for their Eco-friendliness, introduce an element of sustainability to resin art.

Creative Freedom:

One of the primary advantages of using hardwood cutting boards for resin art is the freedom they provide to artists. Our boards come in various shapes and sizes, allowing for experimentation with different dimensions and compositions. Artists can explore irregular shapes, incorporate handles, or even combine multiple boards to create a larger, multi-dimensional masterpiece. The versatility of cutting boards opens up a world of possibilities for artists to push their creative boundaries.

Texture and Depth:

The texture of the cutting board’s surface adds an extra dimension to resin art. The resin, when applied, interacts with the board’s texture, creating depth and visual interest. This interaction can be intentionally manipulated by the artist to achieve unique effects, such as imitating water ripples, creating a marbled appearance, or enhancing the illusion of movement within the artwork.

Canadian Wholesale Opportunity:

For artists in Canada seeking cutting boards as their resin art canvases, the availability of cutting boards at wholesale prices opens up a cost-effective and convenient avenue. Made in Canada, these cutting boards not only offer a quality substrate for resin art but also support local craftsmanship and industry.

Tips for Working with Cutting Boards in Resin Art:

Surface Preparation of the cutting board:
Before applying resin, ensure the cutting board is clean, smooth, and free from any contaminants. Sanding the surface lightly can help the resin adhere better.


Some artists choose to seal the cutting board with a clear sealant or epoxy resin before pouring the main resin layers. This helps prevent air bubbles and enhances the final finish.


Embrace the unique features of each cutting board material. Experiment with different color combinations, techniques, and textures to discover the full potential of your chosen substrate.


Consider creating layers within your artwork by pouring resin in stages. This allows for greater control over the final outcome and can result in visually captivating effects.

Cutting boards, once relegated to the kitchen, have found a new purpose as captivating canvases for resin art. The availability of cutting boards at wholesale prices, made in Canada, stands as a testament to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of artists who constantly seek new avenues to express their visions, all while supporting local industries. As the resin art community continues to evolve, Our Canadian cutting boards offer a unique opportunity for artists to marry their creativity with practicality and affordability.