Cutting Boards for Resin Art: The Perfect Canvas for Creativity

Beautifully Designed for Resin Art

Resin artists will know how important surface design is. Our cutting boards boast rounded corners and edges, which stop the epoxy from running off and really make application a lot easier compared to regular cutting boards. Once decorated, these boards can be used as accent pieces or functional table pretties, obligation-free, to any setting.

We Are Canada’s Largest Supplier of Resin Art Cutting Boards

You won’t find a greater source of resin/epoxy art cutting boards anywhere else in Canada. From our huge selection, you’ll find cutting boards for every project—specifically designed with the crafter in mind so you don’t have to leave your workspace. Beautiful to look at, easy to work with, these gorgeous cutting boards are just a natural part of any great hobby.

Bread Cutting Boards for Resin and Epoxy Art

Our bread cutting boards are made from 100% Canadian maple, a favorite among resin artists. Made right here in Canada, these boards ensure the highest level of quality and durability that the material can offer. The Canadian maple is prized for its texture and hardness, so as a cutting board material, it easily withstands years of usage.

Cutting Boards Make Excellent Gifts

Looking for just that perfect gift can be tough, but resin/epoxy art cutting boards are the sweet deal. Perfect for any culinary enthusiast and the relative who loves one-of-a-kind home decor, these cutting boards will blow someone’s mind when given as a gift. More than being functional, they also come in different designs to cater to various tastes.

Resin and Epoxy Art Charcuterie Serving Trays

Our handled charcuterie serving trays are versatile in nature and suit any kind of occasion. These boards make perfect corporate gifts and family presents alike. Their utility and beauty appeal to mothers, brothers, aunts, and uncles alike, so they always seem to be a big hit.

We Offer Wholesale Pricing

Get our wholesale pricing by planning a large resin art project or creating personalized boards for family and friends. The more bought, the more you save! This is an excellent bundle for churches, art centers, schools, or any organization that might be looking for more quantities of cutting boards. From as low as 24 boards, our wholesale lots give you enough supply for any project. We, as one of the biggest vendors in Canada, ensure you have great materials to work with for your creativity.

Take your resin artwork to a whole new level with these gorgeous cutting boards. Featured in our big selection is the perfect board to make your artistic vision shine through.