Corporate Gifting: an Excellent Way To Build Brand Awareness

Corporate Gifting with a cutting board, laser engraving logo on wood

Sample of a cutting board with laser engraving of logo for Corporate Gifting

Promotional items with your logo and company name go far in building awareness of your brand. Well chosen promotional items are welcome year round, not just at Christmas. But choosing the right gift can be daunting.


What Type of Gifts Work Best

The best items for corporate gifting are functional. They don’t add clutter to an already stuffed office or home. You don’t want to give a gift that is simply repackaged and sent on to someone else.

One promotional item that is always well received is a cutting board. These are a kitchen necessity, useful for both chopping and slicing as well as serving cheese and other food. If there is a crafter in the family, a cutting board will find its way into the craft room. It is useful for cutting and sorting. Handymen find them a practical addition to their workrooms.

Cutting boards are durable. With regular care they will last a lifetime. They are made from two of the earth’s most attractive materials, cherry and oak. They take pride of place on counters and walls.

When to Give Gifts

Year round, you can safely give a corporate gift with your logo and company name. Here is just a short list of when to offer gifts:

  • Introduction of a new product
  • Dealer programs
  • Distributor programs
  • Employee recognition awards
  • Incentive programs for both staff and customers
  • Marketing research
  • Customer referrals

Why It Works

Everyone loves a gift, as long as it is practical, attractive and high quality. When you give a gift that is in demand to customers, prospects, employees and suppliers, you reinforce your brand.

This keeps your services in front of the prospects who might buy, and in front of others in your network who can refer other customers to you.

Corporate gifting is on the rise because it works. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, a study in 2013 showed a steady upward trend in gifting. Companies have discovered that it extends the reach of their marketing programs in a personal, and effective, way. They found that businesses spent about $44 on employees and about $33 on potential and current clients.

Companies also like the tax benefits that come with giving corporate gifts. Here is a look at the IRS tax code that covers this situation.


Tasteful Branding on cutting boards

When you get your gift laser engraved, be sure to choose a unique cutting board design. Tagging it gives your gift a certain trophy value, but only if the work is not garish or too obvious.

When you buy wholesale cutting boards, you can have them laser engraved on the side or in the corner with your company name and logo. If it is a reward and part of an incentive program, consider having the recipient’s name and the reason for the award added to the board.

When you need an in-demand item for your corporate gifting, consider giving cutting boards. Contact us for excellent prices and quick service. If you have questions or would like a free, no-obligation quote, email us. We’re here to help.