Wood Baguette Board for Resin Art

Resin Art

Resin Art

Wood Baguette Board for epoxy resin art

Resin Art

Wood Baguette Board epoxy resin art materials

Resin Art

Wooden Baguette Board for Resin Art

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This wooden baguette board will serve as the next blank canvas for your resin art. Whether for personal use, gifting to friends or for selling, everyone loves a custom-made wooden baguette board!

Adding resin / epoxy art makes any wooden baguette board stand out. These boards are specially made to make your artistic creations pop, with Maple hardwood being the best medium for the job.

The wooden baguette board measures 61 cm long and 13 cm wide and 1.9 cm thick (24″ x 5″ x 3/4″ inches) , with a 4-inch handle. Its perfect balance comes in handy when you’re serving bread and nibbles, and becomes a conversation piece when you hang it up on your kitchen.

Cutting Board Number: WCB-330M.

Product Description

Why are Maple Hardwood good for Resin Art?

Maple hardwood is the preferred material for making resin art on a baguette board.

It features a truly neutral color that makes colors, such as one from resin really stand out. Compared to walnut, cherry, teak or beech, maple has that look that will get your creative juices flowing!

Crafting an epoxy or resin art is easy on hardwood surface whereas paint glides along with your strokes. This type of wood also holds a very attractive grain design that doesn’t fade. It’s environmentally-friendly and is sourced from sustainable forests.

In terms of being a baguette board, it requires very little upkeep and maintenance. Simply brush away the crumbs, or when there’s chunks of meat or cheese then all it takes is a quick wash with warm water and dish-washing soap.


Make Your Own One-of-a-Kind Wooden Baguette Board

This baguette wooden board is durable enough to last for years, even when used every day. You can use it not just to serve bread, cheese and meat but also prepare food as well.

Add a unique resin art and call it your very own. Or, you can have this as a gift to your special someone on his or her birthday. Give it some flair by customizing with your own design.