Pizza cutting board with handle 3
Pizza cutting board with handle 3Pizza cutting board with handle made from maplePizza cutting board with handle close up of handle

Pizza Peel board with handle

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Show off your pizza-cutting skills with this stylish pizza-cutting board featuring a handle. Crafted from earth-friendly and renewable maple wood, this hardwood pizza-cutting board with handle features a superlative wood grain with grooves around the edge, completing this beautiful board. It would make a perfect addition to any kitchen. Ideal for both personal and professional use, it will definitely impress all the pizza lovers out there. This cutting board is made out of maple hardwood and is Canadian.
The size is 12-inch round with a 5-inch handle and a thickness of 3/4-inch

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Product Description

Pizza Peel board with handle made from hardwood

Stylish and Practical Design

Chop your pizza with style when you use our trendy, handy pizza cutter board that comes with an easy-to-use handle. Made from eco-friendly and renewable Canadian Maple wood, these hardwood pizza cutting boards are finished beautifully with wood grain that looks amazing. The edge has grooves to add style and practicality by collecting crumbs and juice.

Just the Right Size for Any Kitchen

Featuring a 5-inch handle and measuring in at 12 inches in diameter with a thickness of 3/4 inches thick, no kitchen can afford to be without this helpful kitchen accessory. The Pizza Craft Round Wood Board offers ample surface for every cutting, slicing, and dicing job that the chef in your home is faced with, plus a whole lot of other cutting capacities that go far beyond pizza.

Add a touch of pizzazz as you slice up your own homemade creations or serve up one of the professional pies. Extremely strong in construction, it’s designed for use both personally and professionally with a guarantee to withstand the test of time, yet still look pretty beautiful. This sturdy maple wood does not show the marks of knives and is easy to clean, making it a handy choice for any pizza enthusiast.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

As a renewable maple wood cutting board, considered to be eco-friendly material in view of any conscious buyer, this board’s purchase works to campaign for incessant sustainability that takes care of the richness of nature on our planet.

Canadian Craftsmanship

Being made in Canada, it is something on which you can rely in surpassing the competitors by quality and Canadian product workmanship. It is detailed in every aspect- a board meant particularly for cutting pizza. Top-rated materials have been used in the construction so that only the best quality product can enhance your culinary experience.

Slice a path to pizza paradise on this fantastic maple wood pizza-cutter board. Great for the pizza lover in your life, or great on the counter in your kitchen. Sure to be cherished by anyone in ownership.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 x 1.9 cm