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This charcuterie cutting board is made of high-quality Canadian Maple, it measures 9” x 12” x 5/8” (30 x 22.5 x 1.7cm). The Charcuterie cutting board comes with a smooth finish and soft edges and ready to be treated (optional).

Cutting Board Number: WCB-206.

Product Description

Charcuterie Cutting Boards

Charcuterie refers to meat that has been smoked, cured or cooked, like sausage, bacon, ham and terrines. Cut them safely and precisely by using this Charcuterie wood cutting board made by Wholesale Cutting Boards.

Practical Size and Shape

This large size charcuterie board has all the surface area you will need to slice a slab of bacon, cut ham off the bone and prepare sausage for a recipe. Small size boards are useful for small vegetables and herbs, but if you are cutting meat, you need a big area for cutting safety.

The handle on the corner makes it easy to move the board from one spot to another in the kitchen. You can hang it up on a hook to air dry it and keep it out of the way.

These wood cutting boards require very little care. After using it, rinse in warm, soapy water, then rinse and air dry. The wood is durable and will last for decades.

Wood, the Sanitary Surface

Made of maple or cherry hardwood, each board has a naturally hygienic and food-safe surface. Study after study has shown that hardwood has natural properties that stops the growth of bacteria.

Plastic is difficult to clean because knife edges cut tiny slits into the surface. Even using a dishwasher, it is next to impossible to remove toxins from these crevices. That’s why smart cooks appreciate wood cutting boards.

Pay Less with Wholesale Cutting Boards

Wholesale Cutting Boards offers this charcuterie board, as well as a wide range of other sizes and designs, in lots of 24 or more. This means you can stock up and take advantage of the affordable pricing. Best of all they are made in Canada.

Cutting boards make excellent corporate awards, customer incentives and employee appreciation gifts. They are much appreciated as door prizes and even wedding favors. People look forward to receiving a wood cutting board, which is useful all around the house and very durable.

Call or email Wholesale Cutting Boards for information about laser engraving and custom designs. We are here to help.

Additional Information

Weight .68 kg
Dimensions 30 x 22.5 x 1.27 cm