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Crafted bread cutting board made from Canadian mapleMaple bread cutting board made in Canada

Bread Cutting Board

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This bread cutting board gets very high scores in all of the key areas of interest, which are durability, functionality and aesthetic appeal. It’s very useful around the kitchen as a cutting board or service board. It is made of Canadian Maple hardwood. It measures 16 x 8 x ¾ inches.

The size of this Bread Cutting Board is: 8″ x 16″ x 3/4″ thick

Cutting Board Number: WCB-2001.

Product Description

Premium Bread Cutting Board

Excellent Durability

This bread cutting board is constructed with high-quality Canadian Maple hardwood that can easily handle the everyday kitchen tear and wear. It’s strong, very hard, and long-lasting; it can be used to serve all your cutting purposes reliably.

Better Performance

Measuring 16 x 8 x ¾ inches, this bread cutting board provides space for slicing and dicing. It is of a size that is versatile; hence one can use it not just to cut bread but also to present it with cheese, fruits, and others as an appetizer. Its thickness will ensure balance while using the board to prevent unnecessary movement to any side.

The Perfect cutting board for Resin Art

This board will give any resin artist so much more in any culinary task; it’s just the most fantastic canvas. The smooth, hard surface of Canadian Maple hardwood gives a great base for epoxy and resin projects. Create beautifully unique art pieces or personalize the board with unique designs that reflect your own style.
Aesthetic Appeal

The natural beauty of Canadian Maple hardwood brings elegance and sophistication to any kitchen. It is smooth finished and filled with grain patterns that make it stylish to be incorporated among your culinary tools. Whether whipping up dinner for the family or entertaining at a dinner party, this bread cutting board is sure to bring out the style in your kitchen.

Versatile Kitchen Essential

It excels in the big three: durability, functionality, and aesthetics. In short, it’s heavy-duty and looks good, so it’ll serve its purpose well as both a kitchen and serving board. You can use this for a reliable cutting surface or as a sophisticated serving board, but it can also be used as a uniquely different canvas for your resin works of art.

Add style, class, and a hint of creativeness to your kitchen with our premium bread cutting board, designed for people appreciative of quality, style, and ingenuity in their culinary and artistic pursuits.

Additional Information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 35.56 x 26.04 x 1.9 cm


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