BREAD CUTTING for resin art
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Bread Cutting board for resin art

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This bread cutting board is designed for resin epoxy art is a versatile kitchen tool that is also highly attractive. Perfect for resin art projects, this cutting board would make a great birthday gift for anyone who loves to cook. Also, this cutting board comes highly recommended and has great marks in the areas of durability, aesthetics, and functionality. Today, we are going to learn more about the board and why you should add it to your kitchen collection. It measures (8 x 16 x 5/8 thick) 40.64cm x 20.32cm x 1.6cm.

Cutting Board Number: WCB-2001M.

Product Description

Adds Beauty to Any Kitchen with this Bread Cutting board for resin art

If you are looking to add beauty to your kitchen, then you should consider adding this cutting board to your collection. This board when embellished with resin or epoxy will look elegant hanging from your kitchen wall or sitting on your countertop. While these boards are very functional, they can also serve as works of art. Many people choose to display them in the open when they are not using them for serving bread.


A Dependable Tool That Is Highly Functional

While this bread cutting board designed for resin art is appealing to the eye, it is also highly functional. This board is great for those who love to bake and can be used for a variety of applications as well. Like many tools in the kitchen, this cutting board will last you for many years to come. It is built to last and can be handed down from one generation to the next. This is just one of the many reasons why our cutting boards are preferred over others.


100% Canadian Made with Pride

The bread cutting board for resin art is made right here in Canada. This 100% Canadian made cutting board is made from durable hardwood maple which will stand the test of time. When you purchase this board, it will last you a lifetime.


Perfect for Large Resin Art Projects

If you are looking for a large resin art project for your church or community, these cutting boards are perfect. Our cutting boards can be purchased in wholesale lots which will save you money. We sell these cutting boards in lots of 24 but can accommodate much larger orders if needed.

As you can see, this bread cutting board is perfect for any resin art project. Not only will it look great in your kitchen, but it is also highly functional. So if you want to add something a little different to your resin art supply collection, you should check out this cutting board.

Additional Information

Weight .68 kg
Dimensions 40.64 x 20.32 x 1.6 cm