Cutting boards made in Canada

All of our wood cutting boards are made right here in Canada. We proudly use the only the highest quality hardwoods, includ

Cutting boards that are made in Canada by Canadians

ing maple, cherry and walnut. Cherry and maple especially are among the fastest growing hardwoods available, meaning they are considered a sustainable resource here in Canada.

Our boards are made with wood that is bought directly from Canadian sawmills. We are proud to support this thriving industry. When we buy from mills here in Canada, we are assured of quality wood that has been processed to the highest standards.

Each of our wholesale cutting boards is made by skilled Canadian craftspeople. We hire workers here in Canada for all of our production. We don’t outsource to other countries. When we say “Made in Canada,” that’s exactly what we mean. Because we hire locally, you are assured of the highest standards for your cutting boards. At the same time, we are helping the Canadian economy by keeping jobs here.