Best hardwood for cutting boards

At Wholesale Cutting Boards, we use the finest maple, cherry and walnut from Canadian forests. All three are excellent hardwoods that produce long-lasting cutting boards.

Maple has been the go-to hardwood for centuries when it comes to cutting surfaces. Its structure has a very tight grain pattern, it

Canadian hardwood for cutting boards

Canadian hardwood for cutting boards

has a solid weight to it and the wood is hard. Taken together, that’s the description of the ideal material for slicing and dicing.

Cherry is loved for its beautiful appearance and even grain. Though slightly less hard than maple, it is a durable, practical choice.

Walnut has a close grain, or small pores, which makes for a smoother surface and one that stops bacteria from growing. It works well for cutting boards and adds a decorative touch to the kitchen décor.

All three hardwoods help to prevent the growth of bacteria. These toxins are absorbed into the pores, where they die off. This is why wood cutting boards are considered more sanitary than bamboo, plastic and glass.

They are attractive, giving any kitchen a rustic look. Hardwood cutting boards made from maple, cherry and walnut resist knife scratches, so they look good for years. Many people display them on the counter or wall between uses.