Pizza Cutting Board
Canadian Wooden Pizza Cutting boardCanadian Pizza Cutting board

Pizza Cutting Board

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Slice your pizza easily and serve it in style. This wood pizza cutting board has a large, stable surface that makes cutting it a breeze to slice your pizza! The attractive wood surface makes an excellent serving platter, worthy of your guests.

It measures 14” x ¾” inches (35.5 x 1.9cm). Wholesale pricing is available on this Pizza cutting board. It is made from Canadian high quality hardwood, available in Canadian Maple. This cutting board comes with a smooth finish, soft edges and ready to be laser engraved. Ready to be treated (optional).

Cutting Board Number: WCB-101-2.

Product Description

Three Types of Wood cutting boards for this pizza cutting board

You can choose from maple, cherry or walnut for your pizza cutting board. They are made from Canadian hardwoods, which make the finest cutting boards you can buy. Because of their tight grain and higher density, these types of wood are more durable, able to self-heal from multiple pizza wheel cuts.

This characteristic also makes hardwoods more sanitary in the kitchen. They have natural properties that prevent the growth of bacteria, unlike plastic and certain softer woods.

The fine grain and unique pattern on each of these pizza cutting boards add to the décor of any kitchen. The rustic look and attractive surface looks at home hanging on the wall, stored at the back of your counter or when used as a serving tray.

The Perfect Cutting Surface

All of the three hardwoods you can choose offer a solid, stable cutting surface. You don’t have to worry about it slipping and sliding on the counter, making it impossible to safely cut your pizza.

The large size of this round pizza cutting board means you have plenty of room to maneuver with your cutting wheel. This makes it easier to cut safely and evenly. You slices will be uniform and cut all the way through.

The large size of the cutting board also means your counters don’t get dirty. The crumbs and cheese strands stay on the pizza cutting board and don’t dirty your clean kitchen.

Wholesale Prices

Save with cutting boards prices by buying your pizza cutting boards in lots of 24 or more from Wholesale Cutting Boards. By purchasing in quantity, you take advantage of lower costs and you always have them in stock.

Wood pizza cutting boards make excellent corporate gifts, employee rewards, customer incentives, door prizes and wedding favors. Wood cutting boards are always appreciated, a gift that is actually used and will last for decades to come.

Spread the word about your business by getting your pizza cutting boards laser engraved with your logo and company name. If you have a specific design in mind, our design team can create a custom board just for your needs.

Call us today or email for a free, no-obligation quote. If you have questions, we are more than happy to answer them. We are here to help you.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 33 x 1.90 cm