Meat cutting board with juice groove
Meat cutting board made in Canada from hardwood maple

Meat Cutting Board

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The board provides you with ample room for slicing all types of meat. It is 35.5 cm long (almost 14 inches) and 24.4 cm wide (9.6 inches), and 1.9 cm deep (almost ¾ inch). When carving meat, you need a surface that is sturdy and stays in place, and that’s what you get with our meat cutting board. It is a bulky 1.2 kg (2.64 lbs.).

Cutting Board Number: WCB 622.

Product Description

Never worry about too much roast on too little board again. This generously sized meat cutting board can handle roasts and steaks, beef, chicken, turkey, seafood—whatever you want to cut. It’s Canadian maple hardwood, so you know it is sturdy, attractive and durable.


Avoid the mess when cutting your next roast or chicken. The board has a deep juice groove running around the entire perimeter of the cutting board. This useful channel collects the liquid from your meat, fowl and seafood before it has the chance to mess up your counter or table.


Made in Canada and of Canadian hardwood maple, it has an attractive appearance that adds a rustic look to your kitchen. Maple is a very dense hardwood that keeps its good looks for many years. Many cooks like to lean it against the wall on the counter between uses. Or store with in the cupboard with your baking pans. With its slim silhouette, it will slide in and out easily.


One of the reasons Canadian hardwood maple is considered the premier choice for meat cutting boards is its ability to self-heal from knife cuts. That means the surface of your meat cutting board will stay smoother much longer, making it easier to carve efficiently.


This Canadian wood board is simple to maintain. Just clean in mild soapy water, rinse it off, then let it air dry right on the counter. That’s all it takes.


This meat cutting board makes a welcome gift. It is the right size for all types of meat, poultry or seafood. With its rustic look, it goes with all types of décor. Cooks love the generous size, sturdy surface and practical juice groove makes it the perfect meat cutting board.


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Additional Information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 24.4 x 35.5 x 1.9 cm