6 Unexpected Ways to Use Your Cutting Board

Introducing the amazing product that no kitchen can be without. It’s an easel for artwork, a trivet for hot dishes. It makes a perfect photography aid and it can even be turned into a clock.


What is it? The everyday cutting board! Your wood cutting board is versatile than you realize. Here is a look at 6 unexpected things you can do with your big and small cutting board.


#1. Serve Board for Cheese and Nibbles

Cutting boards make attractive serving platters. They work especially well for cheese boards and charcuterie boards. The solid surface makes it easy for guests to cut the cheese. They are big enough to make it easy to maneuver.


#2. Safe Surface for Hot Dishes

A cutting board makes an excellent trivet. You can place hot pans and pots on them. It provides the perfect surface for a casserole dish right out of the oven or a pan of vegetables off the stove. It saves your counters and tables from scorching.

But don’t put them in the oven, they aren’t made to work as a roasting plank. And never leave them on a hot burner.


#3. Great Way to Present a Cake

Use a small cutting board an a cake plate. It is the perfect way to present a birthday or anniversary cake. The surface is solid and the board is easy to carry. A large cutting board can easily handle a 9” x 13” single-layer cake.

Do you like to build gingerbread houses at Christmas? Use a cutting board! Choose one that is larger than the gingerbread house so you have extra room for constructing it.


#4. Background for Food Photos

Wood cutting boards have a rustic, attractive look that complements photos or food, kitchen devices or other products. Wood has a warm tone and the grain is inviting without overpowering what you’re photographing.


#5. Easel for Artwork

A large cutting board can be set on the seat of a chair and leaned against its back. This makes a handy art easel for children. The art paper can be easily taped to the board. The surface is solid and won’t move around.


#6. A Rustic Clock

Buy a clock kit at the craft store and convert an old cutting board into a clock. The kits are cheap and require simple tools that most homeowners already have.


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