Points to Remember When Choosing a Cutting Board

1. Size: What size of cutting board do you need?
2. Shape: Will the board be rectangular or circular?
3. Material: Are you looking for wood, plastic, bamboo, or other materials?
4. Color: Is your work station limited in color choices?
5. Style: Consider the style of any appointments in your kitchen and match it with yours accordingly.”

Choosing a new cutting board is not an easy task. There are many factors to consider before making the decision that will be best for your needs and food presentation standards that should be taken into account when getting a new one.

The following five factors should be considered when making that purchase:

Size: The style of cutting board you choose depends on whether you are using it to chop vegetables, meat and fish, cook, or display food. Chopping boards should be chosen based on size so that they are sturdy and easy to clean. There are many different sizes to pick from in the market ranging from small cutting boards measuring a mere 9 by 14 inches for precise chopping, to larger ones at 16 by 24 inches for assembling salads or breads. You also need to consider if you have large or small hands when picking a specific cutting board for your purposes.

Shape: Shape of the board should be based on your own preferences for space wastage and hand washing. Some people prefer circular cutting boards because they don’t take up a lot of space in the freezer or cabinet or if you have a small kitchen. Other people use rectangular or oval shaped boards for storing items in the refrigerator and on the counter because they are easy to store.

Material: The material that is used for the board should be lighter than an ordinary cutting board so as to make cleaning easy. Plastic boards are made from high-density polyethylene, which is a lightweight plastic that is more durable than wood while being easier to maintain. These types of cutting boards are water resistant and durable when washed. However, some people choose wood because they feel it is more environmentally friendly and looks better as well.

Color: Color of your board should be chosen according to the décor in your kitchen. It can be either a plain or scratch-resistant type for keeping your work station clean and organized. When choosing a wooden cutting board, consider the size of it as well as the color of it if you want to match it with your rest of the décor.

Style: Some people prefer rectangular shaped cutting boards while others opt for circular ones depending on their own preferences. If you have an Asian cuisine, then you might want a round shaped one to keep your food presentation neat and tidy. Rectangular ones are more commonly used these days since they are more versatile and long lasting.

A well-maintained cutting board will last for a very long time so it is important to take good care of it. There are many ways to clean and sanitize cutting boards such as the following: