Cutting Boards, the Most Useful Wedding Favors Around

Stuck for a wedding favor? Is the wedding close at hand? Not sure what you can afford? Hate the idea of kitschy key rings and plastic flowers? Relax. Wood cutting boards to the rescue!

These boards get used every day by cooks and craftspeople. They can be laser engraved by the experts here at Wholesale Cutting Boards Canada, transforming a plain board into a long-lasting memento of your special day.

Here is a look at the many benefits of wood cutting boards and a sampling of the boards that Wholesale Cutting boards Canada carries.


They Last for Decades

Wood cutting boards, made from walnut, cherry or maple, last for years. They often get passed on from one generation to the next. These boards are attractive, giving any kitchen décor an appealing rustic look.

They need just minimal cleanup to keep their good looks. Rinse them after each use and use a cleaner occasionally to get rid of food build-up and stains. Then air dry them between uses. That’s all it takes.

These hardwoods have the ability to self-heal to a certain degree. That means the many nicks and cuts aren’t noticeable and don’t mar the good looks of the wood.

The surface also helps your knife blades last longer. It has just a little bit of give, enough to be kind to sharp knife edges.

The wood species used on the boards sold by Wholesale cutting boards are sustainable. The trees are considered fast growing. That means you aren’t harming the environment when you buy our wood cutting boards.


They Are Safe, Stable, and Hygienic

Wood cutting boards are heavy, wide and stable. This makes cutting with sharp knives safer for cooks and crafters.

The surface is also hygienic, far more than plastic. In fact, numerous scientific studies have shown that wood actually resists the growth and buildup of bacteria and other toxins.

Plastic, on the other hand, quickly develops hundreds of tiny nicks from knife blades. Bacteria and contaminants hide there, even after a trip through the dishwasher.

They Are Affordable

Wood cutting boards, especially when bought in wholesale lots, are very affordable. In your mind, put a cutting board next to a plastic gizmo and compare their worth as favors.

Wood cutting boards are the clear winner as useful wedding favors. They last for decades, are in constant use by cooks and hobbyists, and add a decorative touch to any room. The gizmos come apart quickly, ending up as clutter in the wedding guest’s home.

For a cost-effective, in-demand wedding favor, choose a wood cutting board.

They Are Engravable

You want the members of your wedding party to remember your special day. It is so easy to get a wood cutting board laser engraved with your names and wedding date.

Each time the cook or crafter uses the board, she will remember you. It is a memento that lasts and lasts.

Cutting Boards from Wholesale Cutting boards Canada

Here is a look at four types of boards available at Wholesale cutting boards Canada. You can have them laser engraved with your sentiments.

This maple bread cutting board is a practical size, big enough for a loaf of bread but small enough to hang on the wall. It has a convenient handle and hanging ring. It is also available in cherry.


This large size cutting board  it can handle meats and fish, and large fruits and vegetables with ease. The groove catches liquids so your counter doesn’t get dirty. Turn it over to choose it as a cheese board or a serving tray.


For large roasts and when you need a serving tray with a generous surface area, select this hard maple cutting board. It has a groove to catch liquid. The board has an attractive finish so you can store it against the wall.


The live edge cutting board has an interesting grain and shading, with no two alike. Notice the heart with the names and date of the wedding couple.


For wholesale wood cutting boards, contact Wholesale cutting boards Canada for more information and a free, no-obligation quote. Your wedding party will love you for choosing useful wedding favors that last for years.