Cutting boards designed for resin art.

Wholesale cuttings boards offers an excellent product to create a beautiful table setting or to use as a resin art project. With the help of these cutting boards, you can be sure that your resin/epoxy will not run off and the board will not get scratched up. These boards are much easier to work with than traditional cutting boards because they come with rounded corners so epoxy does not get run off the corners.

The cutting boards are made of Canadian hardwood Maple so they have a unique look to them. This is also a plus when using them because you know they are 100% made in Canada.

These cutting boards are not only beautiful, but they are also Eco-friendly and made from Canadian hardwood with. You can be sure that you will be getting a quality product by purchasing these cutting boards for your resin projects, or your dining table setting. Our cutting boards are designed for resin art. They come with rounded corners, edges and a smooth finish to ensure the epoxy does not run off the board when you are trying to get a design on it. The bottom of these cutting boards is finished as well so you can use them as accent pieces or decorative table settings. You will find that these cutting boards have fewer imperfections that traditional ones due to the design process they use.