5 Ideas for Custom Engraved Cutting Boards

Laser-engraved cutting boards turn a useful kitchen accessory into a much-loved memento and a long-lasting marketing device. Every cook needs a cutting board. They are useful for hobbies and do-it-yourself projects. When you give a cutting board, you know it will be used for years and years.

Make the most of that fact by customizing it with your logo, the name of your company, a big sports win or the date of your wedding. Personalizing a cutting board adds to its value. Each time the recipient uses it, she will think of the person who gave it to her.

To give you some ideas at how versatile custom-engraved cutting boards are, here is a look at five ways people and businesses have put them to use.


Just Add Words

This board has words along the top, listing the different things you can do to food. Great for a cook.



Wedding Mement

This board has the bridal couples name and the date of the wedding, along with appropriate flourishes. What a wonderful way to remember such a special occasion with a Wedding Favors.



We’re a Family

 This board is welcoming and useful. Use it as a reminder of a new home, a new baby or a wedding,



It’s My Kitchen

Give the chef her very own cutting board. It’s her kitchen, make it official.



Spread the Word

This example shows how well a logo and company name can look on a cutting board.



Wholesale Cutting Boards Save You Money!

Laser-engraved cutting boards can be used for so many occasions. Businesses use them for employee recognition awards and customer incentives. Clubs and team mark wins and acknowledge leadership with them. Realtors use them to mark a successful home sale. Bridal couples use them as favors and gifts for members of the wedding party.

Everyone loves maple cutting boards. They are found in every kitchen, and many craft, hobby and work rooms. They don’t wear out or break. They are attractive and add a decorative touch to any room in the house.

Custom-engraved cutting boards are so versatile, you need to keep a stockpile of them on hand. To make sure you don’t run out, order them in lots of 25 or more from Wholesale Cutting Boards. Another big advantage of purchasing in quantity is the significant savings you get.

Save money, never run out. Order your laser-engraved cutting boards from Wholesale Cutting Boards today. Email us today for a free, no-obligation quote.