3 Points to Remember When Choosing a Cutting Board

Every kitchen needs a cutting board. Any cook will tell you it is one of the key essentials for efficient food prep. The right board makes slicing and dicing a snap.


But which is the right one? There are literally hundreds of styles, materials, shapes and sizes to choose from. Experts say you should consider 3 key features when shopping for a cutting board.


#1. The Right Size of cutting board

To select a board that is the proper size for your needs and space ask yourself these 3 questions.

How big is the food you are cutting?

If you routinely carve roasts, you need a big board. It’s fine to slice an onion on a much bigger board. But have you ever tried to cut up a chicken on a tiny board?

If you can afford just one board, buy it big enough for your large cutting projects. The best approach is to buy small, medium and large-size boards. Then you’re ready for anything!

Where will you store the cutting board?

To keep them looking good and in good working order, all types of cutting boards should be stored in a clean, dry spot. If you have a small kitchen with limited storage, getting the cutting board out of the way can be a problem. A good spot is with your cookie sheets or roasting pans.

Or keep them out, don’t store them. This is where hardwood cutting boards shine. Usually made from maple, cherry or walnut, they have a rustic look that blends in well with all types of kitchen decors. If you choose a board with a handle with a hole, you can hang it on the wall. Or lean your board against the wall on the counter. It adds an artistic touch to your surroundings.

How will you clean it?

Plastic and glass cutting boards can go in the dishwasher. That’s not a problem for small ones, but will your biggest cutting boards fit in? Be sure to measure the space before you buy.

Wood cutting boards just need soapy water and a quick rinse, then air drying. Most kitchens have double sinks, and large boards sometimes don’t fit. What works is buying a board that is just slightly narrower than the width of your sink.


#2. Your Budget?

As with all kitchen investments, the actual cost is the upfront price and, in the longer term, how long it lasts. Plastic is the cheapest for upfront costs, but its lifespan is short. As you cut, the knife shreds the surface with many tiny cuts. This limits its usefulness and makes it more difficult to cut safely and evenly.

Wood is more expensive, but it lasts for years. Bamboo tends to be slightly less expensive than hardwoods. But it is tough on knives, which are expensive.

The price of hardwood cutting boards depends on size and style. The upfront price can be slightly higher, but they last for decades and are easy on knife blades. By looking for sales and buying wholesale, you can significantly reduce the cost of a maple, walnut or cherry cutting board.

#3. Keeping It Sanitary and Clean

Every cutting board needs to be cleaned after use. This is especially true if you slice up raw meat, poultry or seafood. But even fruits and vegetables leave residue that can cause potential health problems.

The problem is the bacteria that collects in the tiny crevices in every type of material used for cutting boards. Plastic is the worst in this regard. It develops tiny cuts on the surface where microorganisms gather. According to studies, even running the plastic board through the dishwasher doesn’t dislodge all of them.

Hardwoods have natural properties that prevent bacteria from growing. They also self-heal from knife blade cuts to a certain degree, so there are fewer tiny gashes on the surface.

The Right Cutting Board at the Right Price

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