How to Select the Best Cutting Board

The right cutting board can make your slicing and dicing faster, safer and more precise. It is important to select one that is big enough, sanitary, attractive and easy on your knives.

When you buy your next board, look for one that is big enough for what you cut, fights bacteria, is easy on your knives and adds to your kitchen décor.


A Wooden Cutting Board Wins

How to Select the Best Cutting Board

How to Select the Best Wooden Cutting Board

Other surfaces, like glass, ceramic and marble, are hard on knives and have other limitations, so they aren’t real contenders.

Get It Big Enough Cutting Board

You need more than one cutting board in your kitchen. You can easily cut a tomato on a big cutting board, but you can’t safely and precisely cut a roast on a small-size board. That’s why most cooks like to keep at least two, one small and one large, on hand.

Make sure the cutting board you choose is big enough for the job you’re doing. This gives you the room you need to safely maneuver the food and the knife without cutting yourself or damaging your counter.


Safe and Sanitary

Wood cutting boards have natural properties that stop the growth of bacteria. This anti-microbial ability makes them the most sanitary, safe choice. The surface is also able to self-heal. This reduces the effects of all the tiny cuts in the surface from the constant use of a knife. This means fewer nooks and crannies for bacteria to collect.

On the other hand, plastic develops more and more tiny scratches and nicks over time. Even when it is cleaned in the dishwasher, the plastic board harbors bacteria. This means it is less sanitary for the kitchen than wood.


Good for Your Knives

Wood is kinder to your knives. It is soft and has a small amount of give to it that makes it easier for a knife to hold an edge.

Plastic collects nicks and cuts. These create an uneven surface that makes it more likely your knife will catch, which scratches its edge and dulls it.


Attractive in Your Kitchen

Wood has a rustic, natural look that goes with all types of kitchen décor. Wood cutting boards are available in a wide range of styles and shapes, from whimsical to geometric, that add interest to your counters and walls.


What About Price?

Wood cutting boards last for a lifetime with minimal care. That makes them the most cost-effective material for your needs. Buy your board today, and you can still be using it 50 years from now.


Buy Wholesale

When you buy wholesale in lots of 25 or more, you reap significant cost savings on your wood cutting boards made in Canada.

Another advantage is you won’t run out. You want to keep them on hand because wood cutting boards make handy gifts in a wide range of situations. They make excellent corporate gifts, customer incentives, employee appreciation rewards, door prizes and ways to mark anniversaries, project completions and team wins. They also work well as wedding favors

Wholesale wood cutting boards made in Canada can easily be laser engraved with your logo and company name. This adds your branding to the gift, spreading the word about your company. If you need a custom shape or design, work with our professional team to create exactly the board you want.

Call Wholesale Cutting Boards Canada with your questions or for a free, no-obligation quote. We’re here to help.